6 Tips to Increase Your Sales on Society6

tips increase sales on society6

Hey guys, today I’m sharing my top 6 tips to help you increase sales on the print on demand website Society6.

I’ve been selling on Society6 since 2014 and have made some decent passive income with it alongside my other Print on Demand shops.

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Watch the video below for my tips, or scroll down to read them.

6 Tips to Increase your Society6 Sales

1. Create more Designs (Increase volume)

To make more sales, you need to make more artwork. I recommend having at least 100 designs in your shop. This will take time. Try not to get discouraged or overwhelmed by this number. Find ways to speed up your design process if you can.

If you already have 100 designs, then make more of what is already selling for you. This includes re-colours of the same design, but be strategic.

Don’t just throw everything on there and hope for the best. You don’t want to waste your time uploading sub-par designs that won’t sell anyway. Quality is always better than quantity.

2. Sign up for the Society6 Blog and especially the Creative Brief

Take a look at the Society6 blog and read the advice they provide. I also like to get the Creative Brief in my e-mail. This quarterly brief includes valuable information such as trending topics, design styles, keywords people are searching for, product types to promote and upcoming holidays to hit with your promotions.

3. Use proper keywords and tags for your designs

I can’t stress this enough, to get found on Society6 you must use good titles and tags.

Use the search bar on the Society6 homepage to research keywords for your design.

They recommend using single words rather than phrases, and if you do use multiple words put a dash in between them (ex. pineapple-pattern).

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4. Have all your assets ready before you upload new designs

I create 3-4 different assets per design. One for t-shirts and stickers with a transparent background, one that looks good as a print, and sometimes a pattern to cover furniture and larger items. 10,000 x 10,000 pixels is what I use for the larger sized items.

The yoga mat has a special size so I usually make one specifically for that product.

I like to have all 3 or 4 images ready to go before I start uploading so it can go as quickly as possible.

5. Promote your products on Pinterest

Marketing can be difficult for artists. The simplest way I’ve found is to use Pinterest. You can pin your products straight from the product page by clicking on Pinterest sharing icon.

You can also use a mockup generating service like Place It to create fun and unique mockups of your designs to share on Pinterest and other social media.

Read more about my Pinterest marketing strategy here.

6. Experiment with different storefront layouts

You can change the layout of your Society6 shop to showcase different things like your latest designs, specific product types etc.

I recommend experimenting with the different store front layouts and give it a month or so to see if it helps with your sales, then switch it up to see if anything changes.



I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and learned something new.

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7 thoughts on “6 Tips to Increase Your Sales on Society6

  1. J Hunt Graphix says:

    I’ve used society6 but I like printful’s interface with woocommerce.

    1. I agree! But find it much harder to sell through my own site vs. Society6.

  2. Hi, Julie, not being able to reach your blog but was able to like and read your post here via WP’s app ? I haven’t tried anyone other than Fine Art America so far, but am liking reading about the other venues for artists – thanks!

    1. Oh strange, you weren’t able to find my blog online outside of the app?

      1. Is it Julieerindesigns.com ? Has said can’t connect to the server. Searched via Google, did find your other sites etc & all my other connections worked; maybe just a glitch? I took al screen shot but don’t know how to send via here.

        1. Yes, that’s the address, thats strange I will have to do some investigating. I can see traffic coming through on my stats though so I don’t know!

          1. Wouldn’t be surprised it was on my end, lol! At least I get alerts to your articles ?

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