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Hello, and nice to meet you! My name is Julie and I’m an artist, surface designer, and educator from Vancouver, Canada.

From a young age, I was always passionate about art and design, and it has been a constant in my life ever since. Over the years, I have honed my skills in both traditional and digital art techniques, which has allowed me to create unique designs that are inspired by animals, nature, and current trends.

I have been fortunate to partner with Print on Demand companies to turn my designs into best-selling products, which have sold and shipped all over the world.

As an educator, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and helping others achieve success in their own artistic endeavors. I teach other artists how to sell their own art online through my online classes and blog.

Thank you for visiting my website and learning a little bit more about me.

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Why did you decide to become an artist?

I’ve had a passion for creating art for as long as I can remember. In today’s digital era, artists have a wonderful opportunity to showcase their work to a wide audience. While I was studying art in university, I began sharing my creations online. This sparked my interest in turning my passion into a business. Today, I am proud to have grown my art into a small business, enabling me to do what I love while earning an income from it.

When did you become an artist?

My passion for creating art has been with me since childhood. As a young child, I felt a strong urge to express myself through various forms of art. When I was just five years old, I experienced the loss of my beloved dog. This event was a turning point for me, as I turned to art as a tool to work through my grief. From that moment on, I found joy and solace in drawing, painting, photography, crafting, and exploring any and all creative outlets available to me.

What kind of art do you create?

As an artist, I believe that a great creative mind can express their style through any medium. While I do not limit myself to specific mediums, the ones I most frequently work with include pen and pencil drawing, digital art, painting, and photography. I also enjoy experimenting with a combination of traditional and digital art techniques. Through these mediums and techniques, I am able to express my unique artistic style and create pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally impactful.

What tools do you use for your art?

As an artist, I love to explore and experiment with various art mediums. Currently, I am using an Apple iPad Pro with the Procreate app. I also enjoy working with Sharpie markers, gel pens, and watercolour paints. However, my toolkit is constantly evolving as I discover new tools and techniques to enhance my art. To get a comprehensive list of the tools and resources that I use for both my art and business, check out the resources section of my website.

How do you sell your art online? Do you have any tips for me?

I have compiled a variety of resources on my blog that can help guide you through the process of selling your own art online. Some recommended posts to get you started include How to Sell Your Art Online in 5 Steps, and Where to Sell Your Art Online. Additionally, if you are looking for a more comprehensive guide, you may be interested in my Skillshare class From Design to Product: Sell Your Art Online through Print on Demand, which provides a detailed crash course on the subject. Be sure to check out these resources and start taking steps towards turning your passion for art into a business.

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