Artist Resources

artist resources
artist resources

Below is a list of resources that I both currently and have used in the past for my art business.

These includes art supplies, websites I’ve used to sell my art online, and apps I use to manage my business. I’ve also provided several additional resources to help you on your art business journey.

* Please note, some links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using the links below I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. I appreciate your support and it helps me create more content for you to enjoy!

Websites Where I Sell My Art

*For a comprehensive list of print on demand websites worldwide, check out Print on Demand Central.

Materials I Use for my Art

Apps and Creative Business Tools I Use

  • Book Bolt – for Amazon KDP (julie20 for 20% off membership)
  • PodConnect – software to automate uploads to multiple POD sites (julie20 for 20% off membership)
  • Flying Upload – automation software for POD sites (julie10 for 10% off membership)
  • Creative Fabrica – digital assets like fonts, graphic designs etc.(35% discount on monthly all-access subscription)
  • Place It – mockups of your art on products and models, still and even video format.
  • Buffer – social media post scheduler
  • WordPress – the CMS I use for my website
  • Cosmotown – where I purchase my domain names from
  • Woocommerce – free (with paid upgrades) webstore app
  • Canva – blog images, social media posts, image editing
  • Skillshare – Professional development courses for art and business.
  • Notion – to organize my business and put it all together!

To Learn More about How to Sell Your Art Online Watch my Skillshare Class:

how to sell your art online print on demand course

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