Redbubble vs Society6 – Which One is Better for Selling Your Art Online?

redbubble vs society6
redbubble vs society6

Today I’m sharing a comprehensive guide on Redbubble vs Society6 for selling your art online.

These two popular Print on Demand websites are great options if you want to generate an income from your art and designs online without paying for inventory, shipping etc.

You can watch my video below, or read on to learn more about selling your art through Redbubble vs Society6 and determine which one is best for you!

Artist Store Front

Rebubble and Society6’s store fronts are visually quite similar. 

The most obvious difference is the custom header on Redbubble is a lot larger. Both store fronts feature custom logo or bio pic, a small bio section, and can be slightly customized to show specific item categories on Society6 or feature a collection on Redbubble.

Your Redbubble storefront shows your products sorted by most relevant by default. On Society6 you can choose whether to showcase your products in order of most popular items, most recent, or random.

There store front layouts have apparently been optimized for shoppers and to increase sales based on marketing research by the respective companies.

Type of Audience

Both Society6 and Redbubble cater towards a young, hip, and trendy audience.  Think festival gear, college dorm or first apartment decor, stickers, and unique accessories.

Trendy pattern designs and quotes are popular on both websites, but I think Redbubble is more on the trendy side while on Society6 you will find more abstract art and modern art based designs.

The audience on Redbubble is slightly younger though than Society6 as they focus more on stickers which are popular with teenagers and young adults.  However, Society6 has stickers too which can be popular with the right design.

Overall I think the target audience for both of these sites are young adults (20s and 30s) and their parents buying gifts for them.

Ease of Uploading Artwork

Redbubble’s uploading tool is easier and more efficent than Society6, hands down.

Not to say you shouldn’t spend the time uploading your art on Society6, just expect it to take longer. Their current uploading tool is an improvement on what it used to be, and they are planning further changes for the future.

What is better about Redbubble’s uploading process?

  • You can upload one image for all products, and individual images as needed.
  • You can set a background colour for all products.
  • The ability to create square or offset patterns.
  • The “Copy” tool which allows you to copy all of the settings from an existing artwork, great to quickly upload recolours.
Products from Redbubble featuring my designs

Redbubble vs Society6 Products

Society6 and Redbubble offer a similar range of print on demand products including apparel, tech cases, home decor items, and accessories. But both have some unique products as well.

For example:

Myself, family and friends have purchased items from both sites. The quality has been good overall, and any time there was an issue it was resolved promptly.

Both websites add new types of products from time to time, which is fun.

Reviews of different Redbubble and Society6 products I own:

Earnings and Payment

Redbubble earnings are paid automatically around the 15th of every month (to Paypal, or direct deposit), and there is a $20 minimum threshold. If you don’ t meet the threshold by the end of the year they pay you out in December.

Similarly, Society6 pays automatically to Paypal, with whatever balance you have on usually on the 1st of every month.

Both are reliable and I haven’t had any issues getting paid from either.

society6 can cooler review
Can coolers from Society6

Product Marketing

Redbubble and Society6 have their own marketing departments who are professionals and good at driving traffic to their own websites. However, until your designs get their attention they probably won’t be promoting them. You will have to do some of your own marketing as well.

They do have re-targeting ads which means if someone views your design on their site a “cookie” will make it so they will see ads for your design on Facebook and Google etc.

Tips for Marketing your Print on Demand Products:

Most products have nice mockups that are easy to share or take a screenshot for social media, blogs and other marketing initiatives. 

You can also find some nice Photoshop mockups on the Redbubble blog.

throw pillow mock up template selling art redbubble
Redbubble throw pillow mockup

Society6 sends out e-mail notices to artists prior to upcoming sales. They will often provide a link to download a .png overlay to use for your ads. Usually it’s just text containing the discount amount and promo code.

Redbubble sends an e-mail to their subscribers when there’s a sale. It’s useful to be signed up for their newsletter to get these notifications so you can promote these.

Shipping and Packaging

Redbubble and Society6 both have pretty reasonable shipping costs which vary depending on your location, the product size and weight.

Redbubble has manufaturers worldwide and products are shipped from the closest one to your location. They usually add in a free sticker with your purchase, and the packaging is cute and fun to open.

Society6 works with manufacturers in the U.S. and they often have free shipping worldwide promotions.

Both companies work with different manufacturers for different products. So, for example if you ordered a t-shirt and coasters, they might come in separate packages and at different times.

Note: Some products take longer to manufacture than others so it could take longer to ship and receive!


I hope you’ve found this breakdown of Redbubble vs Society6 helpful. Society6 and Redbubble are both great options for selling your artwork online, but overall I prefer Redbubble, mainly because of their streamlined uploading process. I think it’s better for beginners.

However, both have great things to offer including unique products and audiences, so it really depends on what you like and what works for you.

I use both because, as they say, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Want to learn more about selling your art online?  Here are some more great posts to check out!


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[Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been updated in 2023 for clarity and accuracy.]

3 thoughts on “Redbubble vs Society6 – Which One is Better for Selling Your Art Online?

  1. Bruno Rosa says:

    Hi! I use society6 too, I use it since 2014 but only started posting Feb 2018 and I’m getting followers and made 4 sales that earned me 14$, and thought it was going good, I’m happy, but I saw this advertising of threadless saying that society6 pays less than redbubble (that I never used) and now threadless has this Artist Shop, and they pay better than society6 and redbubble ( I will put here the link to the site and you can see the profits list) a 25$ tshirt your profit is 10$! they say society6 tshirt 24$ our profit is 2,40$, it’s a big difference!
    Tell me what you think of threadless artist shop.
    My question is, since you use society6 redbubble and zazzle, do you post the same designs on all sites, or do you make diferente designs to each site? (do we have the right to post the same designs on diferente stores?)
    ok, thank you for your time, I hope I have been of some interest telling you about threadless artist shop, and keep on making art!

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment! I will have to check Threadless out but I have heard of them. I just become overwhelmed with too many shops. I do post the same designs across all 3 but Zazzle is sometimes tedious to upload so I don’t have as many design on there, and they also tend towards more typographic designs and products with custom text since that seems to be their best sellers. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. It’s not simply enough to upload your artwork and place onto their products, you also need to heavily share your gear on Pinterest and other social media.
    And that takes time and techinical know-how we artists don’t often have! What we need are free promotional tools that even dummies like us can use, lol!
    Here’s a free one that Society6ers just love and I use all the time:
    The automated pinner / sharer means that, once set up (which is easy), it gets on and does the job for you while you get on with your artwork, which is cool ?

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