Redbubble Haul and Review of Products featuring my Designs!

redbubble product haul and review
redbubble haul product review scarf tops dress face mask

Hey guys, today I’m sharing my Redbubble haul and product review in video format!

Have you ever wondered what Redbubble products look like in real life? I do, so over the years I have bought several products from my own Redbubble store. I have so many now that I decided to make a video to share some of them with you!

This video is for people who are either looking to buy products from Redbubble or sell their artwork on there and want to know what the products look like in real life.

The products shown in the video below include stickers, both regular and transparent, the a-line dress, face mask, sleeveless top, chiffon top, coasters, a t-shirt, socks, and scarf.

The products in this Redbubble haul and product review video all feature my own designs which can be purchased from my Redbubble store.

I have also written some more in depth reviews of some of these products as well if you prefer to read or want to see some more photos of them:

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I also have things I’ve bought from Society6, Zazzle, and Teepublic, and actually even more stuff from Redbubble that I forgot about, which I can show in another video. So stay tuned for that!

Let me know in the comments below, which one was your favourite?


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Redbubble Sticker Review and Haul

redbubble stickers haul and review
redbubble stickers haul and review

Stickers make everything better! I recently purchased a bunch of stickers from Redbubble so thought I’d share what I got and do a Redbubble sticker review.

I love stickers because you can take them anywhere, and put them on all sorts of things. As you can see, I’ve decorated my sketchbook on both the front and back sides with stickers from Redbubble.

Some of the stickers are my own designs, and some are from friends and artists I follow on social media.

Purchasing stickers from artists you admire is a great way to show your support for them while not breaking the bank!

redbubble sticker review

Stickers featured in this image:

Redbubble Sticker Review

Pros: The stickers are good quality, the colours are vibrant, and they stick very well. The designs have not rubbed off or faded even after several months of use. There are so many designs to choose from, and they come in 4 different sizes and 3 different styles: Matte, Glossy and Transparent.

Cons: I wish they were cut a little bit closer cut around the design and more smooth/rounded. You can trim them however, which I have done for some of them.

Overall the stickers from Redbubble are very nice and I’ve had no problems with them coming off or not sticking properly.

redbubble sticker review

Stickers featured in this image:


Stickers from Redbubble are perfect to decorate your notebooks, laptop, hydroflask or anywhere else you want to add some personality and flair.

They also make great gifts like stocking stuffers for Christmas or to put inside a card. I often mail stickers to my friends at Christmas time inside a greeting card. It doesn’t add to the cost since they weigh so little!

Let me know which sticker is your favourite by leaving a comment below!


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5 Tips to Increase your Redbubble Sales

increase sales on redbubble
5 tips to increase redbubble sales

Are you an artist looking to increase your sales on Rebubble? Well then you’re in the right place because today I’m sharing 5 tips I’ve recently learned to help increase your sales. I’ve seen a 3x increase in sales since implementing these tips.

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You can either watch the video below or scroll down further to read my 5 tips to help increase your sales on Redbubble.

How to Increase your Redbubble Sales

1. Create Trending Designs

You can click in the search bar on Redbubble and “trending searches” comes up. You can also type in a letter or multiple letters and trending searches come up for those too.

Create designs inspired by these trending searches and make sure to use it in the tags. Don’t create copyright designs though unless it’s part of the Fan Art program.

2. Add Your Store Name or Social Media Handle in Tags

People may search Redbubble for your name or Instagram name rather than typing in your store link. This is especially important if your name is different on social media vs. Redbubble. For example, my name is slightly different due to the character limit, so while I’m julieerindesigns in most places, my username is julieerindesign for my Redbubble store. I put both names in my tags to cover everything.

3. Add Your Store Link to the Description

This may help increase multiple sales, if someone likes your design and sees the link in the description it is easy for them to copy and paste it into the browser bar and come to your shop. I’ve seen an increase in sales of multiple products such as stickers since implementing this strategy.

increase redbubble sales

4. Make Sure Every Product Looks Nice

You want your store to look professional, so make sure every single product looks good with your design. If it doesn’t you should either modify the design, or disable that product. For example, use a clear background for stickers and t-shirts. Make sure the image covers the entire product and there is no white space surrounding it.

Having a nice, professional looking store front will increase the customer’s trust in you which increases the likelihood that they will purchase from you.

5. Share your Products to Pinterest

After you’ve submitted your design there is an option to share your products to a few social media channels. I recommend using this feature to Pin your product to Pinterest.

You can also go to the product page and share from there for additional mock up options, or use a mockup service like Place It to create fun and unique mockups to share across all social media.

Read more about How to Use Pinterest to Increase your Art Sales

Or watch my video below explaining my Pinterest strategy for Redbubble and other POD sites.


I hope some of these tips are new and helpful to you. Try implementing them next time you upload to Redbubble and see what happens! Nothing is guaranteed but it never hurts to try. Always be thinking about how you can optimize your products, designs, tags, etc.

I’m always sharing new strategies I learn along my journey of making an income from my art with print on demand websites like Redbubble. Check out my Resources page for more information!

And make sure to follow my blog so you never miss my latest print on demand tips and tricks.

I hope you found this post useful. Please share any other Redbubble tips you have in the comments below!


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Redbubble Travel Mug Review

redbubble travel mug review
redbubble travel mug review

Are you considering getting a travel mug from Redbubble? Read this review of my new Redbubble travel mug first!

Since my work place is transitioning to having people back in the office a few days a week I wanted to get a travel mug that I could fill up at home to help cut down on the use of common areas.

So I thought, why not get one with my own artwork on it from my Redbubble store!

I chose my Pink and Gold Mandala Pattern design because I love pink and wanted to see how the artwork would turn out on a real life product.

redbubble travel mug review

I must say I’m impressed and pleased with how the design turned out! And I actually really like the mug itself. I’ve received several compliments on it since I started bringing it to work.

Redbubble Travel Mug Review

  • Dishwasher safe (top rack), which is great because I hate doing dishes by hand.
  • No scratching or fading after several washes.
  • Very light when empty, making it easy to throw into a purse or backpack.
  • Colour is vibrant and my artwork looks crisp and true to the original.
  • Nice mouthfeel, the little indent for the bottom lip is nicely engineered for drinking.
  • Good insulation. Keeps my coffee warm for a long time.
redbubble travel mug review

Travel mug features as per Redbubble’s website

  • Features wraparound prints
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Insulated stainless steel with removable lid
  • Mug holds 15oz (443ml)
redbubble travel mug review

Overall, I am very happy with my decision to purchase this travel mug from Redbubble. I recommend to those looking for a nice mug featuring unique designs to stand out from the crowd. These mugs would make a great gift for friends, family, or coworkers who love to drink hot coffee or tea.

Shop my full line of travel mugs on Redbubble

I hope you’ve found this Redbubble travel mug review helpful in deciding whether or not to buy one.


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10 Ways to Get Your Print on Demand Shop Ready for the Holidays

print on demand holidays
print on demand shop holiday tips

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and for those of us who sell through Print on Demand it’s the most profitable time of the year.!

Today I’m sharing 10 tips to get your shops ready for the busiest shopping season, so you can sit back with a glass of eggnog and watch the sales roll in.

10 Ways to Get Your Print on Demand Shops Ready for the Holidays

1. Go though your older designs and update them with new and improved keywords and descriptions. Especially your holiday themed designs.

2. Add as many high quality designs to your stores as you possibly can, including different versions of your best selling designs.

3. Enable new product types that you might have missed from earlier in the year.

4. Create Hoilday specific designs.

Do some research to find out what’s trending for the current Holiday season and create some new artwork based on that. (Ex. Trending themes, colors or patterns). I like to use Pinterest for this.

5. Create templates and promotional material for big sales coming up, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

society6 sale promo template example

6. Set up a promotional calendar to remind you of when major sales are occurring in your different stores so that you can promote them.

You could also add reminders on your phone to pop up on certain days to remind you to post something on that day.

7. Design some greeting cards and/or wrapping paper for holiday gift giving.

8. Refresh your shop banners and profile picture if they are looking a little out dated or no longer reflect your brand.

9. Create holiday themed collections in your shops. Society6, Redbubble and Zazzle all have this option.

holiday print on demand collection on Zazzle

10. Update your store profile description, collection descriptions, and just generally make sure everything written has been updated.


  • Take some holiday themed photos of your products to post on social media using your own household decorations!
  • Create custom holiday themed banners and profile pictures for the holidays. I like to add a Santa hat to my profile pic for some easy and cute holiday flair.
avatar with santa hat

That should keep you busy for a while, and then you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the Holidays.


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