How to Sell Your Art on Books with Amazon KDP and Book Bolt

how to sell art on books amazon kdp book bolt
how to sell art on books amazon kdp book bolt

Have you ever wanted to sell your art or photography on books?

Today I’m sharing how you can get started selling your art on “low content” books through Amazon KDP using the Book Bolt app.

What is Amazon KDP and low content books?

KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon, can be considered another “print on demand” marketplace, similar to Redbubble but for books. Your book is printed and shipped only after someone has ordered it.

Now you can totally write a novel and sell it on KDP, but what I’m talking about today are “low content” books. Meaning things like journals, notebooks, planners, sketchbooks, even coloring books, with beautiful cover designs featuring your (and my) artwork.

Watch my video below for a demonstration on how to create a book like this from scratch (cover and interior) for KDP using Book Bolt, or read below for more info on how to get started.

How to Sell Your Art on Books

Step One

Download any of these free interiors to get started, or you can design your own interior using Google Slides or Powerpoint.

You can access even more interiors with the pro version of Book Bolt. The pro version also includes research and design tools, a puzzle book creator, and is basically an all-in-one app to create books for KDP. You can get 20% off the pro version with code julie20.

Step Two

Choose the size you want your book to be and the number of pages. Write this down or remember it because your cover needs to be the exact same size. You can also select Bleed or No Bleed.

Step Three

Create the cover. You can do this within the Book Bolt Design tool as demonstrated in the video, or download a template from Amazon (the same trim size and page count as the interior you chose) to edit in an image editing software.

Step Four

Now you are ready to upload your files to Amazon KDP!

If you do not have a KDP account it is easy to create one. You don’t have to apply and then wait for a response like you do with the Amazon Merch program.

I’m not going to explain the whole upload process today since I think you guys are able to figure that out, but I can do a walkthrough in a future video if anyone is having difficulty.


Amazon KDP is an easy way to sell your art on books and share them with the world, at no cost to you.

One great perk is that you can order “author copies” for extremely cheap, I’ve paid around $2.50. You do still have to pay shipping on that but that is pretty good!

I hope this tutorial has been inspiring for you to see how simple it is to sell your art or photography on books.

And make sure to check out the Book Bolt app and give their pro version a try for free for 3 days. Then take 20% off with code julie20!



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