Mandalatober Week 4 Mandalas and Final Thoughts

These are the final #mandalatober2019 mandala drawings. I made it to the end you guys! Thanks to everyone who participated, I’m so proud of you! And also thanks to everyone who supported us with likes, comments, dms etc.

It has been a long journey with ups and downs along the way, some days I felt like I wouldn’t finish and other days it felt so easy. But I’m glad I stuck it out and have this amazing body of work to draw from for future designs!

This was not my first time trying a month long challenge, but it is my first time finishing one!

Also, there were 17 other people who participated, for either some of the days or even the whole thing, which is amazing! I will be creating another blog post to show off some of my favourites by the other participants, so stay tuned for that ?.

Mandalas from Week 4 of #Mandalatober2019

Day 22: Cat Mandala

cat mandala mandalatober2019

Day 23: Spider Mandala

spider mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 24: Nature Mandala

nature mandala seashell mandalatober2019

Day 25: 1/2 Mandala 1/2 Something Else

nature mandala flowers mandalatober2019

Day 26: Space or Galaxy Mandala

jupiter space galaxy mandala

Day 27: Bee Mandala

bee mandala mandalatober2019

Day 28: Ice Mandala

ice mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 29: Sky Mandala

sky clouds mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 30: Mushroom Mandala

mushroom mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 31: Halloween Mandala

halloween mandala mandalatober19

I hope you guys have enjoyed following along on this journey with me, thanks for sticking around! Let me know which mandala was your favourite in the comments below.

Next on my agenda is getting all of my print on demand shops ready for the Holiday season, and scanning some of these mandala drawings to my computer.

Happy Halloween everyone!


julie signing off

Check out the rest of my Mandalatober drawings below!

7 thoughts on “Mandalatober Week 4 Mandalas and Final Thoughts

  1. Very nice Mandalas artwork, Julie – so cool!

  2. Niceee!! I’m lovin’ the spider, mushroom, and can I say — the galaxy mandala is absolutely awesome! These are great, Julie! Keep going!

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