Mandalatober Mandala Drawing Challenge Roundup

mandala drawing challenge
mandalatober 2020 mandala drawing challenge

You may recall least year I created my own Mandalatober challenge inspired by Inktober and the many other October art challenges that have popped up in the last few years.

I thought I was super unique and creative to come up with this, but apparently some other people had already beat me to it. So this year I decided to just follow along with the already established Mandalatober challenge on Instagram.

I only managed to get 8 of the 15 prompts done, but I’m still pretty proud of what I accomplished!

Check out all of my Mandalatober mandala drawings below. And let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

*Please note: Some of the supplies and tools listed include an affiliate link (at no additional cost to you). When you make a purchase through the links I may earn a commission, which helps me create more content ?. I sincerely appreciate it!

Prompt: Radio

For the first Mandalatober prompt I decided to use my Chalkola chalk board and chalk pens! Which was a good idea since I had to re-draw it a few times before it looked right.

radio mandala for mandalatober

Prompt: Fish

For this prompt I was inspired to draw a Veiltail goldfish due to their beautiful looking fins. I digitized my drawing to colour it in. You can see the before and after of the original drawing vs. digital artwork below (slide the arrows).

Prompt: Polaroid

The inspiration for this piece was pretty obviously a polaroid picture. I even cut it out so I could hold and “shake it” like a polariod.

polaroid picture mandala

Prompt: Succulents

Succulents are so pretty! For this mandala I used my Sakura Gelly Roll gel pens which almost give it a 3d texture and luscious pastel colours.

succulent mandala

Prompt: Hot Air Balloon

The idea of riding in a hot air balloon is so whimsical, but also a bit scary if you’re not a fan of heights. I’d love to see one decorated like this one in real life!

hot air balloon mandala mandalatober 2020

Prompt: Greek Eye

This one was simple but I like how it turned out contrasted against the black paper in my black paper sketchbook.

greek eye evil eye mandala

Prompt: Ladybug

This one wound up being my favourite. It also seemed to be my followers’ favourite seeing how it got over 700 likes! I used my gel pens again for the white part on the wings.

I took a walk around my neighbourhood and stumbled upon these bright red flowers which worked perfectly in this photo.

ladybug mandala

Prompt: Halloween

The final Mandalatober prompt was Halloween. I decided to take it off the page and decorated an actual pumpkin, using regular acrylic paint for the base and my Aroic Acrylic Paint Pens for the mandala and doodle part.

It turned out pretty good! Plus I can keep it for a bit longer than a traditional carved pumpkin, and probably even cut it up and eat it afterwards!

pumpkin halloween mandala mandalatober

Mandalatober Conclusion and Takeaways

Since I didn’t create this challenge myself I wasn’t as invested and therefore did not complete the entire challenge. I also decided not to participate in some prompts that didn’t resonate with me as much.

A few of these designs have been turned into products for sale in my Redbubble store, while others will remain as mandalas in my sketchbook for all eternity!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Mandalatober drawings this year. Now on to the holiday season prep!


julie signing off

Mandalatober Week 4 Mandalas and Final Thoughts

nature mandala flowers mandalatober2019

These are the final #mandalatober2019 mandala drawings. I made it to the end you guys! Thanks to everyone who participated, I’m so proud of you! And also thanks to everyone who supported us with likes, comments, dms etc.

It has been a long journey with ups and downs along the way, some days I felt like I wouldn’t finish and other days it felt so easy. But I’m glad I stuck it out and have this amazing body of work to draw from for future designs!

This was not my first time trying a month long challenge, but it is my first time finishing one!

Also, there were 17 other people who participated, for either some of the days or even the whole thing, which is amazing! I will be creating another blog post to show off some of my favourites by the other participants, so stay tuned for that ?.

Mandalas from Week 4 of #Mandalatober2019

Day 22: Cat Mandala

cat mandala mandalatober2019

Day 23: Spider Mandala

spider mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 24: Nature Mandala

nature mandala seashell mandalatober2019

Day 25: 1/2 Mandala 1/2 Something Else

nature mandala flowers mandalatober2019

Day 26: Space or Galaxy Mandala

jupiter space galaxy mandala

Day 27: Bee Mandala

bee mandala mandalatober2019

Day 28: Ice Mandala

ice mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 29: Sky Mandala

sky clouds mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 30: Mushroom Mandala

mushroom mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 31: Halloween Mandala

halloween mandala mandalatober19

I hope you guys have enjoyed following along on this journey with me, thanks for sticking around! Let me know which mandala was your favourite in the comments below.

Next on my agenda is getting all of my print on demand shops ready for the Holiday season, and scanning some of these mandala drawings to my computer.

Happy Halloween everyone!


julie signing off

Check out the rest of my Mandalatober drawings below!

Mandalatober 2019 Week 3 Mandalas

sun and moon mandala mandalatober 2019

The third week of Mandalatober has come and gone and I’m on the home stretch! I actually feel like it’s getting easier to draw them every day now the end is in sight.

You can still join in the challenge and see everyone’s entries on Instagram under the hashtag #mandalatober2019!

Check out my mandalas from week 3 below

Day 15: Sun Mandala

sun mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 16: Real Life mandala

real life mandala sunflower

Day 17: Freestyle mandala (no guidelines)

freestyle mandala pink

Day 18: Tree mandala

tree of life mandala

Day 19: Ocean mandala

ocean wave mandala #mandalatober2019

Day 20: Food mandala

ice cream cone food mandala

Day 21: Pumpkin mandala

halloween pumpkin mandala

See the other weeks mandalas below!

Mandalatober 2019 Challenge Week 2 Mandalas

mandalatober2019 fire mandalas

Mandalatober2019 is still going strong, although I’m starting to struggle to keep up with drawing mandalas every single day. That is the whole point of a challenge though isn’t it, to challenge yourself!

Some days I was feeling lazier than others so a few of my mandalas are simplistic while others are much more detailed.

You can still join in the challenge on Instagram and Twitter! Learn more about the Mandalatober challenge here and pick up a mandala drawing template to help you get started. Make sure to use #mandalatober2019 if you post!

Mandalatober2019 Week 2 Mandala Round Up

Day 8: Dot Mandala

dot mandala mandalatober2019

Day 9: Mountain Mandala

mountain mandala

Day 10: Skull Mandala

sugar skull halloween mandala

Day 11: Fire Mandala

fire sun mandalas

Day 12: Melancholy Mandala

melancholy sad emoji mandala

Day 13: Bird, or Feather Mandala

bird feather mandalas

Day 14: Miniature Mandala

miniature mandalas

Want to learn more about mandalas and why you should draw them? Check out this post!


julie signing off

Mandalatober 2019 Challenge – Week 1 Mandalas

mandalatober autumn fall mandala drawing

The first week of Mandalatober2019 has been a great success, both for myself and the many others who have been participating along with me!

Find out more about the challenge in this blog post, and get inspired by everyone’s entries on Instagram and Twitter!

If you’re interested, there’s still time to join in the challenge! Grab my mandala drawing template here to help you catch up.

Mandalatober2019 Week 1 Mandalas

Day 1: Leaf mandala

mandalatober2019 autumn leaf mandala

Day 2: Black and white mandala

black and white mandala art

Day 3: Rainbow mandala

rainbow mandala

Day 4: Bones mandala

halloween bones mandala for #mandalatober2019

Day 5: Flower mandala

flower mandala mandalatober2019

Day 6: Geometric Mandala

mandalatober geometric flower of life mandala drawing

Day 7: Happy mandala

happy face emoji mandala mandalatober2019

Are you participating in any art challenges this month? Like Inktober or one of the many others? Let me know in the comments below!

Learn more about mandalas and why you should draw them.

Have a great day,

julie signing off

Mandalatober Mandala Art Drawing Challenge

mandalatober mandala art drawing challenge prompts
mandalatober2019 mandala art drawing challenge

Hey guys! In the spirit of the well known Inktober art challenge that occurs every October, I decided to create my own challenge. I call it Mandalatober!

What is the Mandalatober Mandala Art drawing challenge?

Mandalatober is based on the popular Inktober art challenge. Inktober is an annual drawing challenge that takes place throughout the month of October. The challenge was created by artist Jake Parker in 2009 as a way to encourage people to get creative and practice their drawing skills.

The challenge works by providing a prompt list for each day of the month, with each prompt representing a different topic or theme. Participants are then tasked with creating a drawing based on that prompt, using any medium they like.

Today there are hundreds of different takes on the art challenge, most of which occur during the month of October but others occur throughout the year.

For Mandalatober, I came up with my own prompts to create 31 different mandalas in the month of October. I’m challenging myself to complete this challenge on Instagram, and invite you to join me!

Post your mandalatober creations on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #mandalatober2019 and tag me @julieerindesigns so I can see your work!

You may find it helpful to use my mandala drawing templates.

You can interpret the prompts however you want. Draw the mandalas by hand, digitally, create them with found objects, paint them, whatever you want to do. There are no limitations. The only rules are to post them on Instagram and/or Twitter and use the hashtag #mandalatober2019.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @julieerindesigns so you can see my interpretations for the challenge. I will also be sharing everyone else’s mandalas with the hashtag in my stories!

I can’t wait to see what you guys create from this challenge. At the end of it all, some time in November, I will create a blog post with my favourite entries from the challenge so stay tuned for that!

Happy creating!


julie signing off

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