Mandalatober 2019 Challenge Week 2 Mandalas

mandalatober2019 fire mandalas

Mandalatober2019 is still going strong, although I’m starting to struggle to keep up with drawing mandalas every single day. That is the whole point of a challenge though isn’t it, to challenge yourself!

Some days I was feeling lazier than others so a few of my mandalas are simplistic while others are much more detailed.

You can still join in the challenge on Instagram and Twitter! Learn more about the Mandalatober challenge here and pick up a mandala drawing template to help you get started. Make sure to use #mandalatober2019 if you post!

Mandalatober2019 Week 2 Mandala Round Up

Day 8: Dot Mandala

dot mandala mandalatober2019

Day 9: Mountain Mandala

mountain mandala

Day 10: Skull Mandala

sugar skull halloween mandala

Day 11: Fire Mandala

fire sun mandalas

Day 12: Melancholy Mandala

melancholy sad emoji mandala

Day 13: Bird, or Feather Mandala

bird feather mandalas

Day 14: Miniature Mandala

miniature mandalas

Want to learn more about mandalas and why you should draw them? Check out this post!


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