Mandalatober 2019 Challenge – Week 1 Mandalas

The first week of Mandalatober2019 has been a great success, both for myself and the many others who have been participating along with me!

Find out more about the challenge in this blog post, and get inspired by everyone’s entries on Instagram and Twitter!

If you’re interested, there’s still time to join in the challenge! Grab my mandala drawing template here to help you catch up.

Mandalatober2019 Week 1 Mandalas

Day 1: Leaf mandala

mandalatober2019 autumn leaf mandala

Day 2: Black and white mandala

black and white mandala art

Day 3: Rainbow mandala

rainbow mandala

Day 4: Bones mandala

halloween bones mandala for #mandalatober2019

Day 5: Flower mandala

flower mandala mandalatober2019

Day 6: Geometric Mandala

mandalatober geometric flower of life mandala drawing

Day 7: Happy mandala

happy face emoji mandala mandalatober2019

Are you participating in any art challenges this month? Like Inktober or one of the many others? Let me know in the comments below!

Learn more about mandalas and why you should draw them.

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    1. That you! That’s right, these are all hand drawn.

  1. This is pretty cool!

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