Mandala Drawing Templates

mandala drawing templates
mandala drawing templates

My friends, I created these mandala drawing templates to help you draw mandalas more easily!

Using these, you will no longer need to use a compass or random household objects to draw circles for your mandalas.

How to download the mandala drawing templates

Click on the image of the template to open in full size, then right click and download or print straight from your browser.

You can also download the whole template bundle in PDF format here.

Then, you can either draw straight on the print-out or place it underneath another sheet of paper to trace.

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mandala worksheet templates

I used a couple of paper clips to keep the template in place. You can use also masking tape or something else you have handy.

Watch me demonstrate how to use these templates in the video below.

Looking for ready-made mandala drawing templates? Check out my Mandala Drawing Workbooks!

This second template with no cross lines works better if you are going for a more free-style of mandala design.

mandala templates work sheet

Here are a couple of examples of mandalas I made with these templates:

mandala drawing template purple blue
black and white mandala

I used the first template to draw the coloured mandala by tracing it, and for the black and white mandala I drew it straight on the printed out template without the cross lines.

I hope you guys will find these templates useful, I know I will be using them a lot!

No more drawing circles with cups and plates for me.

If you wind up using these templates feel free to link a photo your artwork in the comments section below!  Or tag me on Instagram @julierindesigns. I’d love to see your creations.

Also check out my Modern Mandala Art class where we use these templates to create 2 stunning mandala designs!

Ready to draw even more complex mandala designs? Check out my Complex Mandala Drawing Template here!


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32 thoughts on “Mandala Drawing Templates

  1. I can just imagine what mine would look like! Lol Trust me, the lines would be all over the place. Love your drawings.

    1. Aw no, I’m sure they would be lovely! The main thing is that you have fun with it :)

  2. Oh my word, Julie, these are awesome! I would never have thought to do that. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone!

  3. This is a great idea. I have seen a lot of templates but these will help anyone with learning how to create a mandala.

  4. theartofwriting7 says:

    This idea is actually really helpful, hopefully I will be able to draw these now!

    1. I’m so glad you find them helpful! I’m sure your mandalas will be lovely

  5. Thanks for this. My biggest challege with mandalas is what to fill the rings with…any suggestions on how to work with the ring designs?

    1. Hi Aliada2! I usually just look up some patterns on Google images or Pinterest for inspiration and go from there! There are also lots of cool patterns in nature etc if you are looking :)