Cute DIY Deer Costume for Halloween

diy cute deer makeup easy costume
diy deer halloween costume

Hey guys! With Halloween coming up soon I thought I would share another easy costume idea: DIY Deer Costume.

This is a fairly simple costume, and the finished result is adorable.

Materials used for the deer makeup:

  • bronzer
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • white eyeliner
  • brown eyeshadow

For the makeup look I searched for deer makeup ideas on Pinterest, and then combined a few different looks, keeping it simple. You’re welcome to copy my makeup.

Materials for the antlers

I followed Lauren Conrad’s tutorial to create the antlers. However, I used standard paper maché instead of Modge Podge.

The floral headband was re-purposed from my Day of the Dead costume. But you could glue the flowers to the antlers once they’re dry, or glue them to a second headband and wear the two together.

  • headband(s)
  • fake flowers from the dollar store
  • glue gun
  • newspaper strips and paper maché
  • brown and silver acrylic paint
  • pipe cleaners

Deer costume outfit

I wore a tan coloured sweater over a white tank top, but you could wear something else you have on hand, or create an outfit to go with it.

  • tan coloured sweater
  • white tank top
  • black leggings
  • black boots

I hope you like this simple DIY deer Halloween costume! Let me know what you’re dressing up as this year in the comments below.

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