Julie Erin Designs Now Selling on Spoonflower!

julie erin designs now selling on spoonflower

I’m excited to share that Julie Erin Designs is now selling on Spoonflower!

Spoonflower is a print on demand retailer, similar to Redbubble or Society6, which specializes in fabric with seamless pattern designs. But I was happy to learn they also sell other products like wallpaper and home décor!

I’ve spent the last few months uploading over 100 of my seamless pattern designs to Spoonflower. Then I had to purchase and wait for samples of them which is required to sell in their marketplace.

evil eyes gold spoonflower wallpaper

I’ve been hesitant about opening a shop on Spoonflower because of this barrier to entry.

However, I do have several pattern designs which sell well on other websites, so I figured it was time to take the plunge. There also may be less competition due to the sample requirement.

The cheapest way I found to get samples is to order a “cheater quilt” which includes up to 42 samples stitched together in a 1 yard sized “quilt”. The cost for one of these quilts is $18.50 USD.

I waited for a Free Shipping promotion so didn’t have to pay for shipping to Canada which can be pricey. The cost came out to about 0.44 cents (USD) per design, which I think is worth it considering the potential earnings.

purple rose daisy pattern fabric

The print on demand products offered by Spoonflower look really nice. And then there is the endless possibility of things that can be created with fabric.

A nice perk of Spoonflower are their design challenges which are based on current trends in the industry. Entering these challenges can help increase exposure on both on their website and Instagram.

You can enter designs which haven’t been made “for sale” yet and if you make into the top 50 (voted on by the Spoonflower community) it will be listed for sale for free, without having to purchase a sample.

However, there are a lot of talented artists on there so competition is stiff!

Overall I’m excited to start selling my work on Spoonflower and hope it proves fruitful as another income stream for my art.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of my designs available on Spoonflower. If you have an account on there, let’s follow each other!

If you want to see a list of other websites I sell my art on, along with more resources about selling your art online then check out the Artist Resources section of my website.


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