New Skillshare Class: Modern Mandala Art

modern mandala art class
mandala drawing class

Hey guys, I just waned to let you know I’ve published a mandala drawing class on Skillshare! In this class we draw and colour 2 stunning and unique mandalas.

Click here to watch my mandala drawing class – Modern Mandala Art: Draw and Color 2 Stunning and Unique Mandalas

orange and blue mandala drawing

You can watch the intro video below:

Do you want to create some stunning mandala art today? Then join me as I take you step by step through drawing and coloring 2 beautiful and unique mandalas that you can hang on your wall, gift to friends and family or share with your followers online!

This is a traditional art class using paper and pens, but you can also follow along digitally if you prefer. 

blue and yellow mandala

In this class, I will guide you through the following steps:

  • Practicing some basic mandala patterns.
  • Drawing a simple mandala design.
  • Drawing a more complex and detailed mandala design.
  • Coloring in the simple mandala in a complimentary color scheme.
  • Coloring in the complex mandala with a monochromatic color scheme with metallic accents.

This class is perfect for beginner artists, or anyone who loves mandala art and easy therapeutic drawing exercises which produce beautiful results.

I hope to see you there!


julie signing off

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