Review of Chalkola Chalk Markers and Chalkboard

chalkola chalk markers chalkboard review
chalkola chalk markers chalkboard review

I recently had the opportunity to test Chalkola Chalk markers and chalkboard so I thought I’d do a review of this unique product!

These are definitely a step up from the sidewalk chalk we used as kids.

They’re actually very similar to acrylic paint pens but work on different surfaces and are removable. It’s like liquid chalk paint inside the marker. You shake them up and then press down on the nib until the “paint” starts to flow.

Here’s some artwork I made with the pens, just playing around and trying them out!

psychedelic rainbow doodles chalk markers

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After reading some of the reviews on Amazon I believe you have to use these markers with a specific type of non-porous chalk board. They won’t work with just any old chalk board, so keep that in mind if you want to use them with one you already have.

Luckily, Chalkola sells this adorable chalk board to use with them! It’s a nice portable size, and the wood has an aged look to it.

Below is a photo of the chalk board in natural lighting.

chalkola chalk markers chalkboard

The markers also came with some metallic (non chalk) markers, and a set of sticker labels made of chalk material! I figure they could be used for jars of preserves, or other things that you might want to change the label on often.

I’ve seen some people using these chalk boards for weddings, cafe menus, back to school photo-shoots, and lots of kids’ activities.

There are so many fun uses for them!

Personally, I will be using it for drawings, to do lists, and business plans to keep me on track. I also see myself using it to jot down ideas or do mind maps/brain dumps.

These markers are also very easy to erase! It took me about a minute to clean it completely, using a wet cloth and a spritz of Windex. This was after about 2 days with the drawing left on the surface.

I actually made a video of the removal process. Note: this video is in reverse!

Removing Chalkola Chalk Pens

I haven’t tried the markers on other surfaces yet, but apparently they work on windows (removable) and rocks (non removable). So basically you can use them as like paint pens, or chalk depending on the surface.

I did notice that some of the pens required more shaking than others. If the color is not very bright or watery, it just means you need to shake it up longer. The colors should be bright and opaque. In some places I drew a second layer to make it more opaque.


In conclusion, these chalk markers are pretty cool and fun to play with! They could make a great Christmas or birthday gift for an artistic or crafty person. And they’re affordable too.

Let me know what you think about this unique product in the comments below! What would you use it for?


julie signing off

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