Aesthetic Art Journal Page Ideas and Inspiration

aesthetic art journal page ideas
aesthetic art journal page ideas

Are you looking for art journal page ideas? I’ve got some fun and easy aesthetic art journal page ideas and inspiration in this post.

I started an art journal a few months ago and these are some of my best pages so far.

aesthetic art journal page ideas

Art journaling is a fun and therapeutic creative activity. I’ve really loved the freeing aspect of being able to create art with no specific purpose.

modern art journal page idea

Art journaling can be simply a hobby, a way to keep track of ideas, play with new types of art supplies, or even work through emotional trauma via art therapy.

modern line art journal page ideas

Some of the supplies I used in this art journal include watercolour and acrylic paint, paint pens, and sharpie markers. A variety of other supplies including highlighters, pencil crayons and gel pens were used as well.

psyechedelic trippy rainbow eye art journal page

The journal itself was from Indigo books here in Canada. I wouldn’t say it was the best book for art journaling. I got a lot of bleed through from page to page. Putting down a base of acrylic paint was the best way to prevent bleed through. But I still had to be careful around the edges to not get paint on the other pages.

silver and gold painted mandala

Next time I will use more of a mixed media sketchbook with thicker pages.

happy eggs sketchbook page

I still really like how these came out though, and even used some of the ideas to create designs for my Redbubble shop.

retro flowers pattern sketchbook page

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my best art journal pages and found them inspiring enough to create your own. If you post any of your own art journal pages on Instagram, feel free to tag me @julieerindesigns so I can see your work!

You may also like this video I made showing my sketchbook filled with aesthetic mandalas I created for the Mandalatober art challenge on Instagram:


julie signing off

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