Mandalatober Mandala Art Drawing Challenge

mandalatober mandala art drawing challenge prompts
mandalatober2019 mandala art drawing challenge

Hey guys! In the spirit of the well known Inktober art challenge that occurs every October, I decided to create my own challenge. I call it Mandalatober!

What is the Mandalatober Mandala Art drawing challenge?

Mandalatober is based on the popular Inktober art challenge. Inktober is an annual drawing challenge that takes place throughout the month of October. The challenge was created by artist Jake Parker in 2009 as a way to encourage people to get creative and practice their drawing skills.

The challenge works by providing a prompt list for each day of the month, with each prompt representing a different topic or theme. Participants are then tasked with creating a drawing based on that prompt, using any medium they like.

Today there are hundreds of different takes on the art challenge, most of which occur during the month of October but others occur throughout the year.

For Mandalatober, I came up with my own prompts to create 31 different mandalas in the month of October. I’m challenging myself to complete this challenge on Instagram, and invite you to join me!

Post your mandalatober creations on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #mandalatober2019 and tag me @julieerindesigns so I can see your work!

You may find it helpful to use my mandala drawing templates.

You can interpret the prompts however you want. Draw the mandalas by hand, digitally, create them with found objects, paint them, whatever you want to do. There are no limitations. The only rules are to post them on Instagram and/or Twitter and use the hashtag #mandalatober2019.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @julieerindesigns so you can see my interpretations for the challenge. I will also be sharing everyone else’s mandalas with the hashtag in my stories!

I can’t wait to see what you guys create from this challenge. At the end of it all, some time in November, I will create a blog post with my favourite entries from the challenge so stay tuned for that!

Happy creating!


julie signing off

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