Mandalatober Challenge Round Up

mandalatober sky and sunset mandala

Today I’m sharing a round up of my favourite entries from my Mandalatober challenge!

The Mandalatober challenge was an Inktober inspired art challenge to draw a different mandala each day of the month of October. I managed to do all 31 of them, and you can see them all on my Instagram or other posts on this blog.

TODAY however, I’m going to be sharing my favourite Mandalatober entries by other people. Make sure to check out their linked profiles if you like their work! I love how everyone interpreted the prompts differently and there was a nice variety of styles. There were only about 15 participants so I don’t have one for every single day but tried to showcase something from everyone.

See them all below and let me know which one is your favourite!

Leaf mandala by Belettelepink

leaf mandala belettelepink mandalatober

Black and white mandala by fabqa

black and white mandala fabqa mandalatober round up

Rainbow mandala by moojanazardesign

rainbow mandala moojanazardesign

Bones mandala by cocostudio_of

bones mandala by cocostudio_of

Floral mandala by adelwins and sunfreestar

floral mandala mandalatober adelwins

Floral mandala by sunfreestar

sunfreestar floral mandala

Geometric mandala by colour.s_

geometric black and white mandala

Mountain mandala by natas.creative

mountain mandala by natas.creative mandalatober2019

Fire mandala by saranya_kumaravel

fire mandala saranya kumaravel mandalatober2019

Feather by natas.creative

feather mandala natas.creative

Sun mandala by themedinacreativedotart

sun mandala themedinacreativedotart mandalatober

Food mandala by tekenaarsart

food pizza mandala by tekenaarsart

Cat mandala by artistic_ashi

cat mandala by artistic_ashi

1/2 mandala 1/2 something else by

1/2 mandala for mandalatober round up by _art.attack on instagram

Bee mandala by tekenaarsart

bee mandala tekenaarsart

Sky mandala by jackalopedesigns

sky mandala jackalopedesigns mandalatober round up

Halloween mandala by GrammaSheri

grammasheri halloween mandala

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these unique mandalas created by my followers, and maybe it inspired you to join in the challenge next year!

Have a great week everyone.



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