Rose Gold Vintage Pattern

fashion accessories home decor pink unique tote
rose gold vintage pattern

Hello everyone!  Today I’m sharing a new version of my Vintage Pattern in a Rose Gold tone.

The original design was hand drawn, then scanned and turned into a pattern digitally.  I played around with a few colour combinations before settling on this one.  The muted pink tones add to the vintage feel of this artwork.

This vintage inspired pattern looks nice on many of the products in my Society6 and Redbubble stores!  Check out some examples below:

fashion accessories home decor pink unique tote

Rose Gold Vintage Pattern Tote Bag

A tote bag with this design adds class and a vintage vibe to any outfit. They’re handy for work, school, or heading to the beach. Tote bags can be purchased from both Society6 and Redbubble.

This pattern also works great as a mobile phone case and is available for several models in both of my stores, including for the latest iPhone.

mobile phone cases pastel pink light unique art

Rose Gold Vintage Pattern iPhone Case

This design works well as an A-Line Dress from Redbubble.

fashion light pink vintage pattern pretty unique shopping gift idea

Rose Gold Vintage Pattern A-Line Dress

Check out my review of Redbubble’s A-line dress if you’re curious about how these dresses look in real life!

The final product I will share with you today is a wall tapestry, because I love wall tapestries.  They are available on both Redbubble and Society6.  I love tapestries because they are so versatile and show off the artwork really nicely.  This particular design would work nicely as a backdrop for photos or YouTube videos!

light pastel pink vintage pattern beach blanket wall art tapestries

Rose Gold Vintage Pattern Wall Tapestry

That’s all I have for you today folks, I hope you all enjoyed seeing my latest work, wherever you are reading from.

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