10 Inspirational Quotes about Art

Inspirational Art Quote Degas

Hi guys, below are 10 inspirational quotes about art by famous artists!  I created these images using Canva.

Enjoy and feel free to share them on social media and other places!

Inspirational Art Quote Degas
Inspirational Art Quote Banksy
Inspirational Art Quote Thomas Merton
Inspirational Art Quote Rene Magritte
Inspirational Art Quote Charles Horton Cooley
Famous Artist Quote Marc Chagall
Inspirational Art Quote Pablo Picasso
Motivational Art Quote Michelangelo
Inspiring Art Quote Francis Bacon

Let me know which ones you like the best by leaving a comment below, or share your favourite art quote if I missed it!

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5 thoughts on “10 Inspirational Quotes about Art

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  2. BY FAR, my favorite was “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”
    I find this statement so true in my life. Art is meant to spark an emotion strong enough that makes the viewer question it.