A Great Zazzle Promotional Tool! Create Pinterest Ready Images with Ease

zazzle promotional tool
zazzle promotional tool

Hey guys! Today I would like to share this awesome promotional tool for creating share-able images from your Zazzle products. These images are especially optimized for Pinterest!

This website was created by Colleen Michele of “Pretty Wedding Paper”.

You can use either a link to a Zazzle “Collection” or a single product to create an image.

If you choose to use a collection you can select from the topmost 18 products in your collection and just check off which ones you want to include.

zazzle promotional tool

There are also options for different background and decoration options, or you can upload your own images to use!  You can also choose the size of each individual image, how many columns of products you want to have, and whether you want a horizontal or vertical layout.

Generally, if you are going to pin to Pinterest I think vertical is best.

You can pin your image directly to Pinterest from Colleen Michele’s website, just make sure to add a link with your own referral code under Pin URL.

Otherwise you can download the image to use later!

zazzle promotional tool

As you can see I’ve already had some fun creating images from my own collections!

I think this is a lovely and simple promotional tool for your Zazzle products.

If you think this could be useful for promoting your own Zazzle products make sure to check out the website!  You can also donate to the creator of this tool on the page if you’re so inclined :)

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See you around :)

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