West Coast Road Trip

oregon coast travel photography
oregon coast travel photography

This post is a little different from my usual art & design related content but since I went on this epic west coast road trip I thought I’d share with you some of my photographs and experiences!

Starting off in Vancouver, Canada we drove down highway 101 along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and Northern California, spent some time in San Francisco and ended up in Santa Cruz. After that we headed up the I-5 back home.

west coast road trip oregon coast

The first night we wound up staying in a little boutique hotel in Astoria, a small town on the very northern point of Oregon.  After that we drove down the Oregon coast and took in all the beautiful coast lines, stopping for a bit on the windy, soft sand beaches.

That night we found a great campsite near the Oregon Sand dunes.  The dunes were huge and awesome, it made me feel a little like I was in Egypt or something!

oregon sand dunes west coast road trip

The next day we realized we had to book it to San Francisco in order to check into our hotel room on time.  It was a long drive but there were lots of lovely views, winding roads, and we even managed a stop to drive through a giant redwood tree!

In retrospect, next time I would add an extra day to the drive down so we could stop and relax a little more.

bmw driving through redwood tree west coast

Finally made it to San Francisco!

golden gate bridge san francisco

We did a 1 hour boat cruise of the Bay and it was totally worth it for the stunning views and great photos.

alcatraz san Francisco west coast

And of course we had to wander around Fisherman’s Wharf and eat some chowder out of a sourdough bread bowl while watching the sea lions on the Pier.

Pier 39 San Francisco Sea Lions

We pretty much did all the major touristy stuff there is to do in San Francisco. Golden Gate Park, shopping in Union Square, then a trip through Chinatown which is a great place to get cheap souvenirs by the way.

china town san francisco
san francisco coit tower
palace of fine arts at night

After spending a couple of days in San Francisco we headed on down to Santa Cruz for a fun and relaxing beach day (and night) which also included a crazy ride on an old and rickety roller coaster!

Santa Cruz boardwalk west coast road trip

The next day we headed back towards Vancouver on the I-5 and made some major mileage. Once we hit southern Oregon we found this adorable campground by a lake near Ashland. We even had a pack of deer run through our camp in the evening!

Oregon campsite ashland

The final day of driving was marked by crazy forest fire smoke hazing the sky and landscape all the way from southern Oregon to northern Washington State.  

It was pretty eye-opening in regards to the drought and major wildfire issues the region is currently facing, which is only getting worse each year.

Anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed checking out my West Coast road trip photos.  I plan to work on some new designs over the next few weeks so stay tuned for that!

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