10 Ways to Get Over Artist’s Block

getting over artists block
getting over artists block

Creative block, a.k.a. Artist’s block is something I am sure all creative people have experienced at one point or another in their lives.

Sometimes you just feel burnt out or cannot even fathom what to do next!

Especially when you have a deadline or a creative assignment this can be a huge burden and cause a lot of stress for an artist or aspiring artist.

Below are some great ways I have found to get over this hump and get my creative juices flowing again!

10 Ways to Get Over Artist’s Block

1. Get a new sketchbook

Sometimes just getting a nice new blank sketchbook is all I need to feel motivated to fill it up with drawings and doodles and whatever else I feel like! I got myself a beautiful new Moleskine sketchbook and drew this:

owl drawing sketch moleskine sketchbook

2. Draw anything and everything

Look up pictures of cute animals and draw them (see above). Doodle in your sketchbook – let your hand guide you. Draw your pet, your friend’s pet, or even your friend! Look up pictures on Pinterest or Google images and draw them (but you can’t sell them if you use copyrighted images).

3. Use materials around you

Use office pens, highlighters, nail polish, whatever you have in your general vicinity. ย See what you can create using the limited materials available to you. Here is a little doodle I made using only pens and highlighters:

pen highlighter doodle art artist's block

4. Travel

It doesn’t have to be far, nor cost a fortune. Just get outside and be inspired by the world around you! It could be nature (a park or beach) or the bustling city streets.  Simply observe and immerse yourself in living life. Sometimes a nice change of scenery is all it takes for creative inspiration!

5. Set it down, step away, and forget about it for a little while

Sometimes we just get burnt out creatively.

If you are feeling frustrated, it can be helpful to just walk away for a little while and forget about it.  It doesn’t have to be a long time, even just a relaxing evening with friends or family where you don’t think at all about your art can be like hitting the reset button.

6. Try a new medium

Maybe you’ve never tried watercolor painting, or needle crafts, or some other artistic medium you have admired from afar.  Give it a shot!

7. Find some new materials to work with

Look for free art materials on Craigslist or Freecycle (freecycle.org), or go buy something at the art supply store.

Sometimes all we need to be inspired are some fun new materials, maybe even something we hadn’t considered using before.

8. Look at other art

Go check out some local galleries or simply look for art online!.

See what other people are making; obviously don’t copy them but you can be inspired by their work and create something in your own style!  Check out my online art gallery for inspiration.

9. Get down and dirty. Destroy to create!

Creation can be a destructive process.  It can also be fun just to get dirty and/or destroy something! Just don’t ruin anything of value or that you will regret later.

Ideas: Throw paint or coffee at a canvas or paper.  Rip up some paper or other materials.  Let out some of that frustration!

10. Do some tutorials

For me, this is a great one to develop creative ideas and get past artist’s block.

Look up tutorials online in your preferred medium: digital (Photoshop, illustrator), painting, drawing etc.  Youtube is a great resource for tutorials in all kinds of mediums!

That’s all the ideas I have for you today, I hope these will help you get over that pesky creative block!

How do you get over artist’s block?  Leave your ideas in the comment section below!!

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5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Over Artist’s Block

  1. Great tips! Very helpful. I have experienced artists block many tips. My artist block has actually inspired a few of my designs.