Hand Painted Dollar Store Bird Feeder

hand painted bird feederrrrrr
hand painted dollar store bird feeder dollar

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my latest project, a hand painted bird feeder from the Dollar Store!

Since I’m sprucing up my patio for the summer I thought it would make a great addition to the space.

The best part is that I just used a pre-made one I found at my local Dollarama, and paid only $3 for it. This is a really cheap and easy way to make a cute custom bird feeder for your yard or patio if you don’t have the tools or space to build one from scratch.

I painted it using acrylic paints and the sprayed it with a clear gloss protective coat to save it from the elements.

So far I’ve had some robins and sparrows come to eat from it. Kitty really enjoys watching the birds come and go all day long.

Hand Painted Bird Feeder Before and After


dollar store bird feeder


hand painted bird feeder

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I hope seeing my hand painted dollar store bird feeder has inspired you to take on this easy and fun project this summer, or any time of the year! It would make a great gift for a bird lover or housewarming present.

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