3D Printed Mandala Art?!

Can you turn a 2D mandala drawing into 3D printed artwork? Apparently, yes.

My boyfriend has a 3D printer so we thought it would be fun to see if one of my mandala designs could be printed in 3D! We also made a video out of the process.

Check out the timelapse video above to see my mandala art being drawn by a machine!

The original mandala design was drawn by hand and then scanned to the computer. I used Adobe Illustrator to turn the image into a .stl file, which is the file type used for 3D printing. To do this I exported the file as .svg from Illustrator and then used a website called SVG to STL to turn it into the correct file type.

The finished result of the 3D printed mandala is pictured below:

3d printed mandala

The mandala is only a couple centimeters thick. It’s pretty flat so I’ve actually been using it as coaster! It also could be some sort of window art or other decoration. Honestly it was just an experiment so I have no real plan for it otherwise.

3d printed mandala art

I think it’s pretty cool to use new technology for art. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing more videos of 3D printed mandalas or other things? Let me know in the comments below!



Drawing of Mountain Mandala

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing a speed drawing video I created showing the making of my latest design “Mountain Mandala”!

After drawing the mandala I scanned and edited it using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This process is not shown in the video, but you can find more details on how to clean up your line art drawings using Photoshop and Illustrator in this post.

I’ve started creating videos to work on my recording and editing skills, which has become a fun creative project to work on!

I recorded this video on my phone, which is funny because I tried using an old digital camera but it was worse quality than my smartphone!  It’s crazy how quickly technology improves.

To position the phone above the drawing surface I used a flexible holding arm I bought  from Amazon. I edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

My Mountain Mandala design has been uploaded to my various stores, and you can see some sample products below!

mountain mandala drawing blanket

Mountain Mandala Throw Blanket from Society6

mountain mandala drawing mug

Mountain Mandala Mug from Redbubble

mountain mandala drawing tank top

Mountain Mandala Tank Top from Society6

mountain mandala sticker redbubble

Mountain Mandala Sticker from Redbubble

mountain mandala drawing wall tapestry

Mountain Mandala Wall Tapestry from Society6

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I have been thinking about sharing some tutorial videos and other things like that on my channel, so if you’re interested in that make sure to hit that subscribe button!

If you have any questions about my process feel free to ask below!