Galaxy Mobile Phone Wallpapers

free download galaxy mobile phone wallpapers

Galaxy Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you a couple of galaxy inspired mobile phone wallpapers I created digitally.

purple galaxy mobile phone wallpaper

Simply open them in a new tab and take a screenshot, or download the image to your phone and then set it as your new wallpaper, lock screen or both!

blue galaxy mobile phone wallpaper

I hope you enjoy these free galaxy cell phone wallpapers. Feel free to pin them and share them around, but don’t try to claim them as your own work or sell them please.

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Have a great day!



Pastel Moon Drawing

pastel moon drawing

Hi guys! I’m back with another (sorta) new design this week.

I recently gave new life to an old drawing of the moon I did a few years back, by playing around with it a little bit in Photoshop and giving it some colour!

The original drawing was done in pencil and black conté on paper, which was then photographed for digital manipulation.

I decided to use a palette of pastel colours which I have been using with several of my latest designs. (see Pastel Mandala Pattern, Pastel Elephant Pattern, etc).

I am happy with how it turned out, and I think it looks pretty cool on some of the items in my Society6 store!

pastel moon drawing art design navy blue mens fitted tshirt

Pastel Moon Men’s Fitted T-Shirt

pastel moon art drawing space wall clock home decor

Pastel Moon Wall Clock

pastel moon drawing mug gift ideas

Pastel Moon Mug

What do you guys think of this re-done piece?  Do you think there are any problems with re-using an old drawing or art piece?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Moon Drawing and Lithographic Print

the moon conte pencil sketch drawing
The Moon – pencil and conte on paper. 14 x 21″

Hey guys! This is my drawing of the moon I did for my printmaking class which was later used to create a lithographic print (seen below).

This piece is 14 x 21 inches drawn in pencil and black conte.

Here is the lithographic print of the moon drawing.

Moon Lithograph Print
The Moon – Lithograph Print

First I re-did the drawing on dry-brush Mylar which is a see-through, plastic like surface, then exposed it onto a lithograph plate as seen below.  Then I printed it on white drawing paper as seen in the print above, and also in an edition of 3 on Sommerset paper to hand in for my class.

Moon print litho plate
Lithographic plate after UV exposure.

I think it turned out nicely!  On Sommerset they were a bit lighter, apparently I didn’t quite ink them enough but man is it a lot of work!

Also some exciting news…  my drawing was exhibited at the UBC Irving K. Barber Learning Centre as part of an exhibit held by the Carl Sagan Association!   It was interdisciplinary exhibit and my work was shown alongside tools and artifacts from Astronomy and other departments.

moon drawing art display

The exhibit is called An Inescapable Perspective and combines art and science faculties, bringing them into discussion with one another.  It’s a great thing to be a part of!

Thanks for checking out my work everyone, have a great day.



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