My Best Polyvore Sets

Unicorn Makeup Polyvore fashion set
Unicorn Makeup Polyvore fashion set

Hey guys! You may have heard that the popular website Polyvore has been shut down :(.

If you didn’t know about Polyvore, it was a shopping based website where you could collect fashion, home decor, and other images from around the web and then create collages known as “sets”. These sets could be entered into contests and shared with friends.  It was pretty fun, especially for fashion lovers.

I used Polyvore to make a lot of sets, sometimes including my own designs from Zazzle and Society6!

Luckily, I was able to download all of my sets before the website shut down and they were gone forever.

Since the website no longer exists I thought I’d share a few of my best and favourite Polyvore sets here!

If a set includes my own designs I will list the product(s) below.

paris apartment polyvore set

Paris is Always a Good Idea Throw Pillow

polyvore sandals fashion set mermaid floatie

Mermaid Pattern Tank Top

Rainbow Palm Tree Sunset Flip Flops

polyvore punk tshirt vans style
pillows kitty decoration home decor clothes
casual summer clothes ok first coffee

Black and White Lace Yin Yang Hoody

Ok But First Coffee T-shirt

I’m pretty sad that Polyvore is gone since it was a fun and unique website! 

Does anyone know of any similar alternatives?  If you used Polyvore, what are your thoughts on the change?

Have a great day everyone.


5 thoughts on “My Best Polyvore Sets

  1. I love the cat set! I still have to go get my images from Polyvore. I didnt use it that much though. I set it up, made a few sets and forgot about. Did Polyvore help your sales?

    1. I did not find it helped my sales really, it was mostly just for fun. I would download your sets anyway just in case you want to use them or post them in the future, and you only have until May 15th!

  2. Usually if I’m looking for alternatives, I type into google ‘alternatives to -insert website name here-‘ or something like that. I’m sure there’s probably other users like yourself having to do the same thing, perhaps try to find them on forums and such and re connect!
    Shame that a site has to shut down, I never heard of it till I read your post, but good luck on your findings!