Hair Illustrations

Hair drawing fashion illustration bright colorful
Hair drawing fashion illustration bright colorful

HAPPY DAY FRIENDS! This is a new series of drawings I recently completed, which were inspired by fashion images of women’s hair!

These were drawn using regular old office pens and a set of brightly colored gel pens I found at the dollar store and just had to try out.

The blue one is actually a self portrait of yours truly ;)

What do you guys think of these drawings?  Should I make more in the series?  I am considering drawing some using 2 colours, creating something like an ombre effect.

Only time will tell!

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Have a fabulous day everyone!



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3 thoughts on “Hair Illustrations

  1. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Those hair illustrations are very pretty! I was convinced they were done with colored ballpoints then read you used gel pens :-) Keep on the nice work!